The Panda Invasion!

Tracking the extent of the Panda Invasion!

Restaurants and Food

Kari Out Co

Panda Express

  There is a type of candy called Hello Panda. They are little chocoloate filled cookies with pictures of pandas on them.

There is a Panda brand of licorice made from all natural ingredients. They are fairly low in calories and come in different flavors and packaging. The package pictured here is for regular soft black licorice.


Several Chinese restaurants have panda pictures or figurines in them.

Lin Q Buffet in Grass Valley has a picture of two pandas that you can see when you walk in. They also have Super K Fortune Cookies.

Lucky Dragon Buffet in Auburn had a ceramic plant holder that has a panda on it. I am uncertain if they still have it. It used to be by the counter where you pay. I did not see it there when I last went so it is possible it was just moved or turned so that the panda is not visible.
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