The Panda Invasion!

Tracking the extent of the Panda Invasion!

Manga and Anime

Pandas are mentioned and drawn in quite a few mangas (Japanese comics)

I will try to get pictures up, but for now I have links to the mangas and animes.

In Saint Dragon Girl Momoka, the main character, loves to collect pandas and her room is full of them. Momoka also appears in the sequal, Saint Dragon Girl Miracle, as the mother of the main character. To read Saint Dragon Girl Miracle, click here.

In Sand Chronicles Diago, the main character's crush, gets a good luck charm from his sister with a panda sewn onto it. You can read Sand Chronicles here.


In Princess Resurrection aka Monster Princess Sherwood, the sister of the main character's master, has three pandas that serve her. You can watch Monster Princess here.

In the anime Hamtaro, there is a hamster who is named Panda because of his black markings. To view info on Panda and all the other hamsters, click here.

In the manga D.Gray Man There is a character known as 'Bookman' who is sometimes called 'Panda' because of the dark patches around his eyes. He is also drawn wearing a panda suit occasionally. To read the manga, click here.

In the manga Mint na Bokura The character Maria is seen wearing a tshirt with a panda on the front in chapter 5 on pages 24 and 25 and again in a later chapter.

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