The Panda Invasion!

Tracking the extent of the Panda Invasion!

Other Websites

Here's a list of websites and blogs I enjoy and support. I hope you like them too!


Manga-ka USA

A website for American manga-ka (cartoonists/artists).

Poupee Girl

A fun, fashion based site for girls. Post your favorite clothing and rate other people's clothing. Dress up your own Poupee avatar and rate others. And just because it's made for girls it doesn't mean fashionable boys can't join too!

  Ace Dev

Technical and business development is a collection of the thoughts, projects, knowledge, and bald ignorance of Mark Graybill.

Maximize your health and wealth is a collection of the thoughts, projects, knowledge, and whimsical flights of fancy of Toni Graybill.

Ship It Games

My Favorite "Friendly Local Game Store." If you like games, check them out.

Stellarvue Telescopes

These are really good telescopes! If you're thinking of getting a telescope, you should definitely get one here.


Amaryllis Tales

A blog of my friend's stories: attempts and successes.

Cat Yarns

A blog with stories about cats.

Cats on Keyboards

Thoughts on making computers do what we want them to do, the teaching of programming, and occasional diversions into how the modern world fails us.

Astronomy Basics

Astronomy Made Easy | How to See Stars, Planets, Galaxies, Nebulas, and other Sky Objects

Beginning with Java Programing

Java Programming Mysteries Explained for Those Learning to Program for the First Time, and for Experienced Programmers Just Learning Java

Maximize Health and Wealth

On this journey we call life, two things matter most. Having health and wealth to allow us to truly make choices when we come to that fork in the road.

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