The Panda Invasion!

Tracking the extent of the Panda Invasion!

Other Panda Sightings

In Shojo Beat, a popular magazine that features girl's manga, there is a panda mascot who shows up on several pages in each magazine. In the December 2008 issue there was a "Moko Mittens" craft. (I'll try to get a picture or link to the craft up.)

I recently have found a panda sewing kit. It's a little panda shaped kit that holds a little pair of scissors, several different colors of thread, a couple of buttons and safety pins, and a needle.

Another panda item I have is a panda pin.

I also received an adorable panda statuette from my friend. She made it by hand and did a nice job of it. She accidentally painted the whole face black, but I still think it is adorable!

A friend of mine own an adorable little black and white kitty named Panda. I've put up some pictures of her here.

The Major League Baseball player Pablo E. Sandoval has the nickname Kung-Fu Panda. You can read his Wikipedia article here.
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