The Panda Invasion!

Tracking the extent of the Panda Invasion!

Toys and Dishes

Panda Toys

There is a wide variety of stuffed pandas. I have here a picture of my stuffed panda collection. Most of them are from thrift stores and friends. To view all of my pandas individually and see their names, click here

I also own a little finger puppet panda.

There are also "Littlest Pet Shop" pandas. There are multiple types of pandas that you can buy. Below is pictured one with blue eyes.

I also have an adorable little panda keychain. The panda is holding a bowl of ramen.

A while back when the movie Kung Fu Panda came out, Carl Jr. Had toys with and of the characters. They also had bags with the characters on them. I have pictured here the Po toy. It's arm can be moved up so that, when the button on the back is pressed, Po's arm swings down in a karate chop.

Panda Dishes

Ceramic mugs can be found with pictures of pandas on them. Here is a picture of one that I have found.

  All images were taken by Asterham (the developer of this page) unless otherwise noted.